MI Talks About Competition From His Brother, Jesse Jagz

MI has been off the music scene for a while now and not a few people have wondered where he has been. In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, MI explained the reason for his absence. He also spoke about competition with his brother, Jesse Jagz. Read excerpts:


“People have been saying whatever they like but I have been blessed that I don’t need to make music to survive. But now is the right time for me to come out because the music is there and the story is there. I stayed away waiting for the right time. Whenever you drive through Lagos or anywhere in the country and you see my face, you would know what I have been doing to survive.”

On competition from his brother Jesse Jagz,he said 

“Although I did not release an album in over four years, my younger brother released two in about six months but I was not pressured in any way. The competition between me and Jesse Jagz has been over years ago. We have been doing this for years and he won. I am on a different path making different music. I am on my own path making my own kind of music and my advice to everyone making music is to make songs that feel right. Every artiste should do music to raise social awareness,”



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  1. gp says:

    i am so proud of u my bos, i am an up coming atist i realy wish to be like u cause u are my metor


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