Nneka: Soul is Heavy (Review)

Artist: Nneka

Album: Soul is Heavy

Nigerian-German singer/songwriter, Nneka Egbuna has proved a versatile impressively poetic voice, over the past decade. Her third album, Soul is Heavy, feels like her most mainstream production yet; that doesn’t mean she’s changed her characteristically serious tone. Nneka has tended towards weighty themes that sometimes jar with her sweet-and-light melodies.

Nneka Egbuna

Ms Dynamite

On this collection, the fiery political energy of the title track or the conscious raggae opener, Lucifer (No Doubt) sounds far more gripping than liberally sugared soul numbers such as Restless. Nneka waves through some dynamic arrangements and features some energetic guests, including Ms Dynamite on Sleep. The overall confection verges on being a bit cloying but it’s still an assured mix, pitched between hard-hitting ‘edutainment’ and easy listening.


This review was written by Aruwa Haider (Reviews Editor, Music) and was published on Monday, the 19th of March 2012 in Metro newspapers. 



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