“I Am Not Old School, I Am Still Very Much In The Game”- 2shotz

2shotz is not very pleased that some people think he is old school. In a recent interview with Vanguard, 2shotz insisted that he is still very active in the music scene. Read excerpts below:


I have not actually been far from the scene, I am still in the scene doing the same thing that I do. But the fact is that, people are carried away with the music of now. Everyone is busy listening to Davido, Wizkid and the likes. I have no problem with that.
Things like evolution should occur. Sometimes, when people say, you have been away for some time, I always tell them, I have not. Everybody is still in the game, it is a big business I could be eating from one small angle and I am cool there.I said it because that is how they say it. That is what I hear people say. Every artiste is an artiste. I don’t think that because you reigned some ten years ago you should be referred to as ‘old school’. I am not old school, I am still very much in the game.

On if anyone has called him old school before, he said:

Yes and No. Because I am not really that kind of artiste, I am an artiste that evolves with time and goes with the flow. You would not say that Shina Peters is an old artiste regardless of the years he has spent in the industry.
He has his own niche and audience. I have not heard any banging song from Shina Peters for a while but you would not deny the fact that he still goes for shows. So, you would not call him an old artiste. But, our categorization in Nigeria is that he is old because he has been there like ten years ago.



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