Sola Sobowale Blows Hot In New Interview!

Veteran Nollywood actress, Sola Sobowale, popularly known as Toyin Tomato has been missing from the movie scene for a while now. Sola who has always been a viewer’s delight relocated to the UK over a decade ago to stay with her children. The Nation newspapers contacted her recently and here are excerpts from her chat with them:


Do you have any plans to return to Nigeria permanently?

This is my country; I love my country; I believe in my country and this is where I will live and die.

But you have been away for so long?

Yes, I left about 12 years ago because of my children. Before then, I had only sent my children abroad. But as a good mother, I later decided to join them because I want to give them a good foundation. Glory be to God now, they are big girls and they are all graduates.

So, now that they are graduates, any plans of coming home?

Do you know what is in my mind? Anyway, I will be coming back home very soon.

When you left over a decade ago, it was rumoured that you left due to frustration. How will you react to this?

If they say I relocated due to frustration, I don’t care. That is their problem. At least, you can see me now. So, my question to you is: do I look like anyone who is frustrated? Let anyone say whatever he or she likes.

You were even quoted as saying that you were slaving in London

Look, you can write anything you like because you are entitled to your own opinion. You see, I am not going to say it is true and I am not going to say it is not. All I know is that you are now seeing Sola Shobowale. So, what do you see? A beautiful, gorgeously dressed woman and happy woman. Seeing is believing, isn’t it? So, if they want to say they caught me in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking and even cut my hands, I don’t care. That is their problem.

If they say I am married to 10 different men, I don’t care either. That is their cup of tea. When I am good in the presence of my Lord and I am a good ambassador of my family, then, the rest is history. I am a very strong woman. I don’t give a damn; wahala yin ni yen.

But they are your fans and they are interested in what is happening to you?

My fans won’t ever say anything bad about me. Immediately I came in, you saw my fans rushing towards me because they wanted to greet me. They are always very happy to see me and they love me. You are also my fans; otherwise, you would not want to interview me. It is written that some would like you, while some others would not.

Is it true that you work as a social worker abroad?

You want to know what I do in England? If you want to know, just jump on a plane to London and then come and see me where I work. If I tell you what I do now, it is still a story.

You have always avoided talking about your husband

Do you want to marry me? So, why are you asking me about my husband? What is your business with my husband? My family is my family. Finish!



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