Breaking News: Linda Ikeji’s Website Shutdown – Copyright Battle

A dispute that started as a minor rant has soon taken a serious turn for the worst. Linda Ikeji’s site has been taken down by google it seems.


Here is the gist:

This whole saga started when a Mr Aye Dee accused Linda of stealing content from his tweets with no permission or attribution to the source of the new. He posted the below tweet on his page to make a public accusation on the 3rd of October 2014.

However the interesting bit is the investigation by . Here is what she stated on her website:

‘I began by looking at his twitter page and narrowed in on his website www. The description of the services he offered through his media group raised my curiosity. He says his media group owns “hundreds of websites.” He also claimed some of the infringing content on Linda Ikeji came from his site. Well one of his hundreds of websites is because it has the media group stamped on it. I did a basic search on to see who owns it. The name ‘Emmanuel Efremov’ came up as the registered owner of is clear it is owned by media group, @MrAyeDee’s company.’

So the above suggests that Mr Aye Dee’s hunger for blood may be a personal vendetta against Linda Ikeji. He has however been able to raise a petition strong enough for google to take down Linda’s site. Currently readers only have access to her home page and anything more would result in the



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    Great post I really enjoyed reading this today.


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