Kim & Kanye West’s Pastor Talks About His Relationship With The Couple; Set To Launch His Own Reality Show

Rich Wilkerson Jr,30, is Kim and Kanye West’s pastor. He is the same pastor who made headlines after he officiated the couple’s wedding ceremony in Italy. The pastor is set to launch his own realty show on the Oxygen Network dubbed ‘The Wilkersons’. He opened up to People Magazine on his relationship with the West’s and how he knows they are followers of Jesus.  Read excerpts below:

“One night, I got a text [from a friend of Kanye’s] that he was going to bring Kanye to church,”We hung out and chatted. He flew back into town the following week and came to church. The week after that, he and Kim flew in from New York just to come to church.”

“It began a relationship; we started emailing and calling each other. We collaborated on a few things: art, fashion, music, Jesus. He invited me to write a few things for his tour, and I’ve been able to counsel him on a few things.

On Kim and Kanye’s wedding, he said:

“They wanted a Christian wedding, and wanted me to talk about Jesus. It wasn’t a message of hate and judgment; it was a message of hope and love. Kim and Kanye have both told me that they’re followers of Jesus; we’re on the journey together as friends. I believe in them, and I believe in their marriage.I never expected that anyone would care who performed the ceremony,. “Celebrities get married all the time and no one knows who their pastor is. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing the wedding; I just went to Italy and did it. And then everything started moving really fast.” The wedding and now the reality show has given me a platform to give my message of redemption, which is for all people, that’s why I’m here.”

On what viewers should expect from his reality show, he said:

“There’s a lot of my life that is hilarious,” he says. “But there’s also a lot that is very serious. We have people in our church who are facing difficult things. Also, my wife and I are trying to have children, and it hasn’t happened yet. Obviously, if the show causes stress in our marriage, we’d stop doing it, but I think we’re both on the same page.”




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