CEO of AGU Couture speaks to Zen Magazine

In this month’s edition of Zen magazine, the CEO of AGU Couture, Emeka Chukwu speaks about his fabulous designs and what inspired him to get into the fashion industry. Read the full interview below.

Zen Magazine March 2012 cover

Q – What inspired you to get into the fashion world?

A – “I didn’t really fancy being dressed like the next person so I started out custom making my own outfits and eventually I started taking orders from friends & clients. Things blew up pretty fast and I decided to make it a career because I am really passionate about fashion.”

Q – Have you always wanted to become a designer?
A- “Not really!! I studied Biomedical Engineering in college and I am currently preparing for grad school. Fashion started out as a hobby, evolved into a profitable venture and now I yearn to TAKE OVER! I always put a hundred percent into everything I do, and strive to be the best.”

CEO of AGU Couture with his models

Q – What is the history behind the brand name ‘AGU’?
A – “The brand name AGU is my former last name, a title held by my late grandfather. The word means LION in the Igbo language and signifies royalty. My mother has a beauty business called AGU Beauty. It was only natural for me to keep honouring the memory of my beloved grandfather, so I stuck with the AGU name. Catchy right? {Laughs}”

How would you describe your style of fashion in your designs?
A – “I make custom pieces according to the taste of my clients, but my personal collection tends to be artsy and rocker chic. I also enjoy infusing elements of punk rock into traditional Afro fashion.”

Model wearing some AGU Couture pieces

Q – Who is the most influential person in your life?
A – “Honestly, my mother is! ”

Q – Who are some of the celebrity clients who have purchased an AGU lately?
A – “Juliet Ibrahim, Sophie Turner, Kate Upton & so many awesome people”

Q – Where can our readers purchase some of your fabulous pieces?
A – “They can visit or simply email us a request through the website”

Must have Unisex bracelets by AGU

Q – Do you have any exhibitions within the year?
A – “I regularly hold trunk shows. I would be one of the main designers exhibiting at the annual St. John’s fashion club show in April and my annual birthday event in June would feature a huge AGU fashion showcase.”

Follow the designer on twitter -> @EmekaDGR8



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