Tinsel Auditions in Lagos on the 4th & 5th of April 2012

The Award wining M-Net Africa Drama Series Tinsel is opening up a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone in Lagos to come to their open auditions. The successful candidates will join the drama series in season five.

This drama series centres around the energetic and enigmatic Fred Ade-Williams, founder of Nigeria’s biggest independent film company “Reel Studios” who gets drawn into a battle of wills with daring newcomer Brenda “Nana” Mensah, whose beauty and intelligence is only surpassed by her drive to transform her film company “Odyssey Pictures” into a dominant force.. And she will stop at nothing. Brenda has installed a “weak link” in Fred’s company… a mole, and her exploitation of it sparks off a corporate war that vibrates through the entire film industry.
Tinsel auditions hold in Lagos 2012 flyer

If you think you have what it takes to join the likes of Gideon Okeke and Damilola Adegbite,  then come to

Venue: The Protea Hotel, 1 Mogambo Close, Maryland Estate, Ikeja

Date: 4th April & 5th April 2012

Time: 7am Prompt.

Come with: a 5X7 photograph of yourself

For more details call 0803 650 9958 or 0706 2292 0149.


Giving some words of advice for the aspiring cast members, Tinsel head writer: Tunde Aladese says,“We are looking for fresh new acts that show acting strength and stand out from the crowd. Come with something prepared (preferably a monologue from a play or a book). Avoid over used clichés (wicked step-mother, boy in conflict with his family because of a girl he loves, bitchy girl etc). Crying and phone talking are not acting so don’t bore the directors by taking this lazy route at the auditions.”
This year could be the year you become Africa’s next big star so make that move now!

Tinsel auditions hold in Lagos 2012



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8 Responses to "Tinsel Auditions in Lagos on the 4th & 5th of April 2012"

  1. imelda says:

    I just saw d audition date,and really don’t av much time to waste..I’ve been looking for a way to b auditioned a long time ago,I av wat it takes to b among d stars..I’ve got talent and all I need do is to showcase it.pls,I want to know if I still av more time.

  2. imelda says:

    I really don’t know where protes hotel is,I guess i’ll be able to get directions from people..If I am given an opportunity to be auditioned,I promise never to let d industry down.it’s a promise.

    • Seyi says:

      Hi Imelda,

      Protea Hotel is in Maryland. I’m sure you’d find it, it’s not far from the Mobil petrol station. Just ask anyone around that area and they’d point you in the right direction.

  3. Clinton says:

    Why only lagos?

  4. Ezeodili eche says:

    The audition went well.But we were not informed if we will be called back.

  5. shadrach says:

    good day everyone in the house, my name is EZEKIEL SHADRACH, I have all it takes to act, I also have lot’s of interesting stories to render, i will be glad if i can be aspired in the tinsel audition or even any… i’ll be delighted if i could get reply from you guys. and pls is the audition still on? hope to hearing from you soon.

  6. kayode says:

    I like tinsel group,and will always love to read general update and audition process


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