The Lords & Ladies Of Ignorance – By Charles Novia

Nollywood movie producer, Charles Novia has posted another article titled ‘The lords & ladies of ignorance’ . Read below;



“I have a personal rule which I usually don’t break after I post articles on my blog, my facebook page or my twitter handle. I do not go back to an article or reply any ripostes from ‘aggrieved’ celebrities or their proxies who are the subjects of such articles. This is because my critiques are meant to prod and probe, to stir and stare and to prick and penetrate perceived ignominy in their art, exhibited lifestyles and hyped (im)moral coda.

My position is more precarious because I am supposed to be a part of the creative clique and as such most would feel that turning a blind eye would be the best thing to do as others have been doing. I do not think I am wired for such. First, keeping silent in the face of growing mediocrity means a personal acquiesance to that negative. When mediocres seem to rule the day, the Professionals on the other side seem to be a minority. And mediocrity has been interspersed with pristine ambitions and values in our creative sector. If any other person would stand for it, I will not.

There is a Legacy of Thought to be left by critics in situations like this. The putrid system forces a response from those who should say it as it is. And of course, oxen must be gored. And gored so deep that the red gash should serve as a reminder to those who would trudge that same plough path of the oxen. Within ourselves, we must begin to hold ourselves to standards. And that is because the creative arts is sacred. It cannot be messed with by mediocres. Or pretenders. That is how I was taught and that is how I am wired,

So, anyone who myopically thinks critiques are insults or ‘hating’ ( which is a lazy form of thinking and such people are as obtuse as cotton wool too!)might as well go to the nearest lake and take a dive. It won’t stop. I am here, as with others and more coming, to kickstart a new culture of creative accountability. I critique public displays of stupidity as well as creative displays of brilliance. It is not personal. It comes with the job.

At the risk of sounding immodest, those who stupidly ask for my pedigree and credentials most times after a contentious critique might be part of the mediocre slant I write about. Over 40 movies, a couple of published books, membership and fellowship in prestigious film panels and festivals worldwide including the Academy Awards Selection Committee for Nigeria, record label owner and Producer as well as research consultants to many top corporate brands are some of the resume I would rarely brag about. Because wealth is not made on instagram pages. Wealth is made and respected first from an intellectual acumen with people like me.

Of course, this season of mediocrity will soon pass. Soon. And those who have reigned as the Lords and Ladies of Ignorance during this time would find themselves confined to the rubbish heap of a forgotten history.Time, again and again, has proved that right.



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