Halima Abubakar Opens Up On How She Overcame Depression

Sometime last year, Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar revealed that she was suffering from depression after a heart-break. She also urged people to stop hating on her on social media. In a new interview with Tribune, Halima explains how she finally overcame it. She said:


“Especially in 2013. That year was rough for me. I went through series of emotional challenges. At some point, I had to speak out that I was quite depressed. I was a bit down and didn’t want any more of people’s judgments. Even that didn’t help. People took advantage of that too. I had to learn to win the war through self-healing without any more help from people. One of the nuggets that helped me survive that stage was a conciliatory understanding that, that which had caused my pain once made me happy. It once filled me with joy and love.

“I am more understanding and mature now. I wasn’t mature in the beginning. I allowed everything that hit me pull me down. But now, I can take the heat, any heat. To be fair to the media, they have been good to me. They have to sell. Bloggers have to make money too. And I do not blame all of them for the stories they have published about me. I only have to say that they should not break somebody for profit. The media should double-check stories before publishing.”



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