Fashion Tips For Your Body Type: Big Boobs

Riddle me this: What is lacked and wanted by so many but too heavy for the owner. Yes you guessed right! A lot of heavy chested women feel cursed with big boobs and don’t feel confident stepping out of the house. A lot of women do not mind flaunting their balloons in plain sight a.k.a Cossy Orjiakor but we are here to tell you that you can look classy, sexy and packaged with big boobs.

Since the boobs are here to stay, you might as well make the most of it. Here are simple tips and pictures that show you how to look full and beautiful just as you are.

Tip 1: The Right Bra
A lot of us underestimate the essence of wearing the right bra. It’s all about packaging and with the right box, you can organise your boobs to fit purpose. Bottom line is that the right bra makes a big difference to how clothes sit on your body and how you look. It is essential that you go to a good lingerie shop and get measured. However, if you do not have the luxury of a lingerie doctor, use these instructions below to get your measurements for the right bra size.


Tip 2: Get Wrapping
The thing to remember is that you want your chest area to be proportionate with the rest of your body. The trick is your neckline; you need to lengthen the neck area and make your upper section look slimmer. The best fit is the V-neckline and the longer the V, the smaller the chest appears. Unlike a high neck which attracts attention to your chest, making it appear bigger. However, as we are not going for a Cossy Orjiakor look, remember to layer a camisole underneath (if the V is very low). The point of the V-neck isn’t to reveal cleavage, but to break the wide chest area into seemingly smaller sections!

Wrap tops and dresses are your best friends. Wrapped tops do the same trick as V-neck and scoop neck tops do to flatter bustier girls. A wrap dress is a very flattering silhouette for any woman, creating a lovely waist line by drawing the eye in with drapes and the wrap design itself. It also creates an hourglass proportion that looks well on any woman.


Tip 3: Put Some Clothes On
Lol! Jackets and blazers put the coating on your sexy. So what are you waiting for? Get layering with a long fitting V-neck t-shirt underneath and a cute shorter blazer or jacket on the outside. Or a short cardigans over you long top. Layering shorter jackets, sweaters, or wrap tops on top of longer shirts is girly and cute. It puts the focus on your smaller waist and away from your boobs.

kim kardashian

Tip 4: Buy tops to fit your bust and belt up!

When you are well-endowed on the upper body, you want to shop for the boobs….what I mean is you want your top to sit well across the boob area. It is embarrassing when you see people trying to fit their boobs in a tiny top. Especially when it comes to tops with front button, this is a no! no!. The last thing you want is gaps between the fastened buttons giving a sneak peak to a passerby.

The solution is easy and this tip is especially great for women on the shorter side (like me LOL), clench your waist with a belt for the best fit! The best place to add a belt is at the natural waist; doing this will really emphasize your curves!

kim kardashian 2

Tip 5: Get your black on

It’s no secret that black is the world’s greatest slimming agent LOL! If black isn’t your thing then, no worries…….you can still pull it off by going for darker colors in general.


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