Cossy Orjiakor Explains Why Her Career Has Been On The Down-Side

Cossy Orjiakor is one lady who claims to be an actress/singer, but many swear they haven’t seen her acting in a movie or performing a song. In a new chat with Encomium, Cossy explains why her music/acting career has been on the down-side. Read excerpts below:


What has been happening to your acting career?

I just got back from location. I featured in a movie entitled, Beach 24. It is produced by Ahumadu. My character is more like a mermaid in the movie.

The tale is that you don’t get movie roles again?

That is not true. Ofcourse, I get offers but I am very choosy. I don’t just accept roles like that. If the pay is very okay, if I have a couple of friends among the people on location I can go for it. It can be stressful going to locations when the pay is not good. At this stage, I should be the one giving out roles. I am old enough to start producing movies myself.

How many films have you featured this year?

I think one. If I do a movie a year, it is okay for me. It is all about comfort not competition. I started acting in 2012 when I came to Lagos, I was in Dark Angels, One Million and some others.

What about your music career?

I take life easy. I am not in a competition. I am in a league of my own. When I am in the mood, I will do my music.  I have released a video this year entitled, Sexual Seduction. I featured Durella.

What else fetches you money?

You don’t have to work very hard to get money, just work smart. People can pay you a huge amount just as a guest appearance. You will go there enjoy yourself, have champagne, that is all.



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