Footballer, Fabrice Muamba sits up smiling in hospital bed

A picture of Fabrice Muamba sitting up smiling in his hospital bed was posted online earlier today after almost  two weeks after collapsing mid-way through a match. The image was posted by the footballer’s fiance, Shauna Magunda with a thank you message to the millions of fans who have supported her partner through his recovery from a near fatal heart attack.

Fabrice Muamba and his fiance, Shauna Magunda

Fabrice Muamba is treated by medical staff after collapsing on March 17th.

Solidarity - Bolton's Nigel Reo-Coker (left) and Tottenham's Jermain Defoe shake hands

Fabrice Muamba collapsed during a football match on March 17th; his heart for 78 minutes as paramedics – including a cardiologist who leapt onto the pitch from the stands – battled to keep the player alive. He was rushed to the London Chest Hospital, where he was visited by his Bolton team-mates and a string of football friends.

Bolton teammates applaud Muamba during a tribute at the start of their replay against Tottenham last week

Applause - Rival players join in the applause for Muamba after seeing him collapse on the pitch almost two weeks ago

We are glad to hear about his recovery and wish him all the very best!!!



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