Photos From Chinedu Ikedieze & Nneoma Hope Nwajah’s Traditional Wedding

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In a recent interview, Aki speak on his love story.

There are wives and there are wives, also there are friends and there are friends. It is easy to have a girlfriend and enjoy yourself and have fun. But I have found out that when you want to settle down you must do that with somebody that will and must make you happy always. Nneoma makes me happy always. When I met her in 2008, it was not quite easy, but I first saw her in 2005 in Lagos, on the mainland. She visited the production where I was working; she was still in school then as an undergraduate. From there, we became casual friends until that 2008 when we decided to move the friendship to the next level and by the grace of God, this is the result.

Asked,how/ where did you propose to her and where are you taking madam for honeymoon, he said This is one secret I want to keep to myself till further notice, I am sorry about that, it was just between us and not meant for the public and about the honeymoon, We have like five places in mind, the Bahamas, Qatar, Mauritius, Caribbean Islands and one or two other places we are still considering.

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