Esosa Edosomwan on Zen Magazine April 2012 Cover

Zen Magazine April 2012 Cover brings to you a Nigerian model, actress, writer & directress based in New York called  Esosa Edosomwan.

Read the introduction according to Zen Magazine:

“On our cover this April, we feature a remarkable young lady called Esosa. Esosa Edosomwan is an inspired thinker who has the ability to inject her passion into everything she does. She is a devoted model, an actress, a writer & a directress. She will be directing & starring in her first feature film titled ‘One Night in Brooklyn’ which would feature a multi-cultural cast of amazing individuals”.

“To learn more about the movie visit – We have some interesting inside features this month and they are all high-quality events. We shall be bringing you all the photo footage from one of Africa’s premier fashion events ‘Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012′ which takes place in Addis Ababa, to the hot terrains of Morocco to witness the 243km endurance race in the Marathon Des Sables, some of the best online media websites that promote African diversity in every magnitude, the importance of The Pikolinos Maasai project in Kenya & Eugenia Silva’s ambassadorial role to the project & finally our list of the 50 greatest African Icons over the past decade”.

Zen Magazine April 2012 Cover

Photography by: Briana Monet
Photography Assistant: Alexander Weston
Styled by: Dee Dwyer-Harris Rosemary Blue Vintage
Hair & Makeup: Remy Ginger

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