Fuel Subsidy Removal a Necessary Evil

A new dawn has come for Nigerians as we unite in one voice to be heard; but is this for the right reason or the right time? Fuel subsidy is like a mother’s breast, feeding a 51 year old man (over grown baby) suddenly taken away with hot Eba and soup served in it’s place. In this case who is to blame? The mother who should have weaned the child earlier or the child who should have rejected his mother’s breast earlier.

Fuel subsidy removal in all it’s wickedness is a necessary evil;one that has to be encouraged as much as corruption has to be discouraged. Not only does Fuel subsidy encourage corruption by leaving loop-holes in the system, it also encourages misplaced expectation as some people believe subsidy (the National Cake) is a birth right. Reinstatement of Fuel Subsidy in all it’s foolishness is a justified evil; why should we trust the Government now? We still have people looting money, unemployed youths, armed robbery on the rise, Boko Haram on the kill, illiterate people, illiterate Government,old men ruling.

The simple fact is Nigeria is headed for destruction and something has to give. It is a thing of Joy to know that Nigerians can unite for a joint cause but it is saddening that our cause is monetary. We have come together today because the Fuel Subsidy will deplete our pockets further but when elections was rigged, money was looted by politicians, our Late president Yar’adua’s wife took us for fools, innocent people were killed we did nothing .

I hope together we will unite again not just for our pockets but for a moral cause. God help us.




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One Response to "Fuel Subsidy Removal a Necessary Evil"

  1. Kumiko says:

    One thing that we are known for is how to make do with a bad situation – Okada, the Biafran war’s ogbnuigwe, 419, used Western/Eastern airplanes, etc. Although I admire the ingenuity of the people mentioned here in creating their own light sources (which apparently are safer for the environment as was mentioned), the situation, is, honestly, quite embarrassing….


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