SnapFlix: Nollywood Cinema Series USA to Premier “Two Brides & a Baby”

Deji Eniojukan and Jide Akanbi founders of SnapFlix have seen the potential in Nollywood, the demand for Nigerian films and have taken advantage of it. No more pirated CDs and DVD with low quality visuals because they have decided to bring Nollywood films to American Cinema; and for the producer of “Two Brides and a Baby”, Blessing Egbe, this is a one in a life time opportunity to hit the Land of Opportunities.

They are starting off with the highly anticipated premier of “Two Brides and a Baby” in the North American Cinemas at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta Georgia on the 14th April, 2012.

SnapFlix’s Nollywood Cinema Series brings the new breed of cinema-quality Nollywood/African films to movie theatres in North America, allowing lovers of African movies to enjoy premiers and screenings of the best Nollywood movies in American cinemas.

This is what Deji Eniojukan and Jide Akanbi  have to say:

“This is a grand landmark for Nollywood and the beginning of a new revolution of film in African Entertainment Industry. We are meeting the entertainment needs of Africans and lovers of Africa in the diaspora, a need for a cinematic presence of Nollywood movies in North America”.

“Nollywood is the largest film industry in Africa and second-largest in the world, and we are exporting contemporary and traditional African culture, talent and creativity to a continent that is ready for the new perspective that African arts and entertainment is bringing to the world stage. This contributes to promoting a positive image of Nigeria and Africa internationally”.

“Launching a structured distribution of Nollywood films to American cinemas is filling a major gap in the industry, this is also key to ensuring the producers and content owners are able to recover quality returns thereby encouraging investment in the Nollywood Industry based on the performance of these quality films in American cinemas. It’s a big breakthrough and it’s been a long journey, but we are excited about the future of Nollywood and we’re glad to be part of it”.

This is what Blessing Egbe has to say:

“There is a proverb that goes ‘when one door closes, another opens’. I am excited that a new door has opened for Nollywood films in the US via Snapflix distribution. I am happy for the innovation and look forward to the launch. I am even happier that my film is the one that will launch the series, Glory be to God!”

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Snapflix Premiere Two Brides and a baby

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