World Leaders March On The Streets Of Paris In Unity Rally To Honour Paris Terrorist Attack Victims

More than 1.5million people including 40 World leaders including David Cameron of United Kingdom, Angela Merkel of Germany, Isreal’s Benjamin Netanyahu and others joined French president, Francois Hollande,  and thousands of France nationals in a solidarity march on the streets of Paris this afternoon to protest the recent terrorist attacks on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, police officers, and a kosher supermarket.


The march began in Place de la République and will end at Place de la Nation. The global outcry of sorrow and condemnation followed three tense days, with the Twitter hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (‘I am Charlie’) gaining some of the widest popularity ever witnessed on the social network, with over five million reposts.


The attacks were carried out by brothers Cherif & Said Kouachi, Amedy Coulibaly & his wife Hayat Boumeddiene.

Said & Cherif Kouachi

Said & Cherif Kouachi

Hayat Boumeddiene with her husband Amedy Coulibaly

Hayat Boumeddiene with her husband Amedy Coulibaly

The Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly have been killed, while Hayat Boumeddiene is still at large.

French leader Francois Hollande said:

“Paris is the capital of the world today. The whole country will rise up.”

Here is a video of the event as obtained from Reuters:

See more photos below:

paris1 paris2  paris4 paris5 paris6 paris7 paris8



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