Don Jazzy Talks about Mo’Hits Records: D’Banj a Comedian? [Video]

You’ve got to love the guy, Don Jazzy speaks the raw truth about Mo’Hits records. From watching these videos of his interview with Hip Hop world, Don Jazzy has taken me through the everyday life and lies of the music industry; the struggle to make a name for yourself , to make money and the power of Perception in the music industry.

He talks about the need to be perceived as wealth by the public even when the Label isn’t making money and his final break through.

What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is the one of the comments he made in the second part of the interview where he said that he signed up Artist who had no music talent just because they were poor. He also mentioned in the first video clip that D’banj had no music talent, he can’t sing or rap but he was initially carried along on trips as a Joker and a Mascot because he was funny and made their trips/tours seem short. Truth or not sounds a bit derogatory don’t you think?

He also talks about the Kanye West and Snoop Dogg; and did not fail to mention with no disrespect to Snoop Dogg, that if he’s going to blow it in America he can do better than Snoop Dogg? Not sure what he means though.

Let’s get down to business, watch Don Jazzy’s interview with Hip Hop World.



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