Eve Afrique Magazine to host Red Ball Charity Event in Port Harcourt

Sexually transmitted diseases seem to be the most popular and feared diseases in Nigeria; people think it is a punishment for  infidelity and unprotected sex. But people forget that their are other disease which have no moral crime attached to  them, diseases that affect both the moral and immoral, children and adults, old and young. People need to know about these other life threatening disease some which can be avoided for the sake of our children and the generations to come.

Eve Afrique Magazine is a family and lifestyle publication based in the Niger Delta and on Easter Sunday 2012 will be hosting a unique Red Ball charity event“A Night of Music and Fashion in Support of Sickle Cell awareness and management“ in Port Harcourt city to create awareness on the nature and management of sickle cell anaemia.

Sickle-cell disease or sickle-cell anaemia, is hereditary genetic blood disorder characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Sickling decreases the cells’ flexibility and results in a risk of various complications. The sickling occurs because of a mutation in the hemoglobin gene. Life expectancy is shortened.

The magazine is partnering with an NGO, Sickle Cell Interactive Management Association (SCIMA); a Sickle Cell Charity based in Port Harcourt and managed by Ms. Ifeoma Chrys-Bernadette Ifejika to raise the bar on sickle Cell awareness/management. Speaking at a press briefing in PH to announce the event, the COO/Editor-in-Chief of Eve Afrique, Ms. Ivy Davies Etokakpan, explained that the magazine chose this platform as part of its corporate social responsibility and reiterated her commitment to ensuring that family values and Godly principles be promoted in Daily Living.

The Red Ball event which will take place at the coveted X-Cape Centre, promises to be a night of glamour and non stop entertainment with music and fashion all for a good cause.

Date: Sunday 8th April 2012

Venue: X-Cape Centre, 119 Stadium Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Contact: For more info and general enquiries on how to attend or support the cause;

Red Ball Charity Event



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