Ibinabo Fiberisima Responds To Claims That AGN Abandoned Muna Obiekwe


Ever since the shocking news of Muna Obiekwe’s death surfaced, many have asked what the AGN and Nollywood did to help him in his time of need. The AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima has responded. Here’s what she said:


We never ignore our members. If we are informed of a situation we take action. Pls like I said lets Pray not Curse. We have gone out of our way to help non Guild members talk more of our own. We never neglet anyone. We have an active insurance plan . We have begged our members and still begging rhem to revalidate their membership and join the health plan. Their is only so much anyone can do. Muna was revalidated and on d health plan. Pls lets beware of what we say, if we dont have the facts pls.



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One Response to "Ibinabo Fiberisima Responds To Claims That AGN Abandoned Muna Obiekwe"

  1. Tshidi Koahela says:

    I’m in SA watching the movie Broken mirror. Its like it not true. Its heart breaking to see that face knowing that it gone!May his soul rest in peace.


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