Phyno Opens Up On His Controversial Photo With Kcee

Last year a photo went viral which many mistook Phyno for kissing Kcee. Many alleged that they were gay lovers, but they however debunked it. Phyno recently spoke to Tribune about the controversial photo. He said:


“The only thing that was in my head when I saw the picture was where did this happen. I said back then that a gangstar like me could not have been involved in something like that. The fact is that, I am not a gangstar and I don’t want people to see me in that light. I think I am too serious and cool for that kind of thing.  People say I am gay. That’s laughable because these same people reported some time ago that I impregnated a girl. So you can see that these things don’t work together. My life is all about entertainment, as long as the people are happy about what they read, I am happy too”.



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2 Responses to "Phyno Opens Up On His Controversial Photo With Kcee"

  1. zealno cleo says:

    phyno don’t mind in this life it is that anything you do them must talk be your self

  2. oromu Cynthia says:

    Phyno y can’t u defend yourself about the picture? u r claiming u don’t remember when the pic was taken…. what happened in the


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