Denrele Edun Tells It All In New Interview; Opens Up About His Sexuality, Dress Sense, Relationship & More

Media Personality, Denrele Edun opened up to  Punch about so many things including his sexuality, relationship, dress sense and many more. Read excerpts below:

Over time, they have labelled me as a homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, I have been called all sorts of names. When people see that you are successful in the entertainment industry, they try to peddle some negative stories about you. Maybe they call me names because of the way I dress. When I started out and people began calling me such names, I found it very disturbing, annoying, and demeaning but I laugh about it now. When I am asked about my sexuality, I just tell them that I am a sexual outlaw. I don’t think my sexuality should be an issue because I am doing my work very well.

But are you gay?

All I can say to that is that I am a sexual outlaw.

There was a time you used to wear female shoes…

I still wear them. There was a night we were going to the beach and everyone knows that if you do not wear flat shoes to the beach, it could be quite uncomfortable. But because I wanted to be crazy that night as I don’t drink or smoke, I wore a female timberland boot with high heels to the beach.

I got the shoe as a gift. It was hell walking with the shoes in the sand but I wore them to dance and I rocked them well. I remember D’banj and Ikechukwu were there and they were making funny comments, asking whether I wanted to break my teeth.

Whenever I am on stage and I wear these shoes, some people think I do it to get attention. Some say I do it to find men who are sexually attracted to me but that is not true. It is just about doing the unusual. A lot of men wear shoes with high heels outside the country. I am not saying it is a trend people should follow because they can break their legs. I think wearing female shoes just to my personality. The female shoes give the kind of clothes I wear an extra edge.

Do you think you can keep up with your brand identity when you are older?

Yes, I think I can but maybe not in stiletto heels. My brand identity is not fake; I did not create this identity because I want to be in the news or remain controversial. This has been me right from the outset.

People see me and say I dress like Lady Gaga and I laugh. Lady Gaga started singing in 2006 and I have been dressing like this way before then. I have no influences whatsoever and I just wanted to be different from every other guy. This level of high edged, spontaneous, gothic, creative look is embedded in my system and it runs through my veins.

Even when I am 70 years old, I would still be like this and I know I would be a funky grandfather. That is why I respect Charly Boy till date for his relevance and consistency. He is still a rockstar and a biker for life. I don’t think I will lose this identity for anything in the world.

Are you in a relationship?

I am single. I am not going to deny the fact that I am human and I have feelings. I would not say that I have been celibate or lonely because that would be a lie. I am not celibate; however, I am quite principled when it comes to relationships.
God has blessed me and still blessing me, so I would not misuse the privilege of my job to use and dump all the ladies that constantly come my way. Some ladies think that being with me would place them at a certain level and because of that, they throw themselves at me but I do not misuse the privilege I have.
That does not mean that I am a saint. I am not a saint. There is somebody in the picture but we are not so sure of our status right now. We have been tossing it back and forth for a while. We are still deliberating. The person is fully committed but I am not really ready. I feel like I have frustrated her to a large extent and she has tolerated me for a very long time. We have been friends for a while. I am a very inconsistent person; she could call or send a message and I will not reply until after five days. I will not use my job as an excuse because it would be a wrong thing to do

What can be done to catch your attention?

Nothing really; I just love people that are natural and down to earth. I love people who can make dialogue with me in a matter of seconds. I don’t want a yes-man around me. I have met people like that in the course of time. I have also met very interesting people.
A girl once asked me at a point in time if I could change my brand identity for her and I willingly agreed. I told her I would change for her because she was somebody I really liked. But unfortunately, things did not work out. This was about four years ago. I still like her and my close friends know that I still like her a lot. She was seeing someone at the time and I was willing to share her. That was how much I liked her. I would not say she was extremely gorgeous but there was something very special about her that I could not lay my fingers on. Her name is Yvonne. But that is in the past.

So it is possible for you to change for love?

At that point, I was willing to. But now, I will think twice about it. I sincerely doubt I can change for any woman. I have had my fingers burnt so many times, I don’t think I am willing to make that sacrifice for anyone. I have made a lot of sacrifices for people, now it is their turn to start making sacrifices for me.
I am not leaving my career or changing for anybody. I would rather stay single because at the end of the day, it is about inner happiness. Inner happiness is something that took me a while to find because I was trying to make too many people happy at my own detriment but I realised at the end of the day only my happiness matters. Now that I have peace of mind that, I don’t owe anybody any favours.



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