Mercy Johnson & Daughter Spotted On A Train In Lagos!


This is why Mercy Johnson still remains one of the most loved Nigerian celebs! No time for forming, she’s so real! She and her daughter, Purity caught a train yesterday to Ikeja during a traffic emergency last night. Mercy revealed she had to run with her heels off to catch the train. See more photos below:

mercy102 mercy103 mercy104 mercy105 mercy106 mercy107 mercy108



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2 Responses to "Mercy Johnson & Daughter Spotted On A Train In Lagos!"

  1. oprah says:

    Mercy keep it up with your way of living u know were u come from and u know were u are going keep it up sister never change who u are like others they act like they don’t eat egusi jokes u are my best the way u act and the way u cry in the movies makes me cry also because of my present life u keep me strong good job sister

  2. imma says:

    I keep loving u each passing day


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