Amber Rose Finally Speaks Up About Her Beef With Kanye West…Watch!

Amber Rose has decided to clear the air, and speak out on the cyber beef between she, Kanye West and the kadarshian clan! She spoke to Entertainment Tonight about it.

“I don’t hate Khloe. I don’t hate her. I could have totally minded my own business when it came to her sister. But, me being a dancer at such a young age, dealing with older men gave me the humility and knowledge to speak on such a subject.”

She concluded,

“I can understand why it came across the wrong way to her. I get it. But, that’s a phone call she could have had with me… She didn’t have to tweet 11 times and try to humiliate me.”

The beef all began when Amber was on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and dissed Khloe Kardashian’s 17-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner, who is rumoured to be in a relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga.

Though she has seemingly changed her tune on Khloe, she does not seem too pleased with her ex, Kanye West.

“We were happy when we were together! And now all of the sudden, I’m getting slut-shamed because we’re not together anymore and it’s not fair.”

“I deal with it every day. I deal with it via social media. People out on the street. They don’t quite understand why I post what I post and how I speak on social media.”

“Slut-shaming” is the act of making a person, especially a woman, feel guilty or inferior over certain sexual behaviors, circumstances or desires that are different than the norm.

Tsk tsk tsk…Kanye, you’ve been a bad bad ex. Want to see Amber complaining? Well,watch the video below.
Yes, you’re welcome!



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