Angela Okorie Reveals That She Has Forgiven Prince Eke For The Part He Played In Almost Ruining Her Marriage

Sometime last year, the media was awash with wicked tales coming from South-Africa about Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie! It was alleged that married Angela who under the guise of shooting a movie, moved into a man’s house, and the man was allegedly her lover. The man named Prosper claimed that Angela stole his dollars and Nollywood actor, Prince Eke who was with her at the time, seemed to agree with the allegation. So scandalous was the news, that it was alleged that her marriage was almost ruined. Angela on the other hand, defended herself saying that she was being framed up and wrongfully accused. Thankfully she cleared her name and the tales died a natural death. In a new chat with Vanguard, Angela revealed that she has moved on with her life and her forgiven her accusers. She said:

Angela Okorie & Prince Eke

Angela Okorie & Prince Eke

“I have forgiven Prince Ekeh because he came to apologise to me that he’s sorry for all that happened. If he hadn’t come to beg me, I wouldn’t have let it go. However, as far as taking him out of the country again is concerned, my brother, that one is out of the question. If someone tries to shoot you the first time, and you survive, would you want the person to shoot you again?” (more below)
“If there’s a producer that wants us to do a job together, yes, its okay, I’ll do it. But for me to take him out of the country and get into this kind of mess again…for someone to start blackmailing me over what I did not do, no! I wouldn’t want that to repeat itself. Do you know what that incident could have caused in my life? If my husband isn’t somebody who understands me, trusts me, my marriage would have been over by now.”

Speaking further, she said,

“Don’t get me wrong…I can still suggest him for movies like I’ve been doing before. As a matter of fact, I’m the one who suggested him for a job he went to do in the US sometime ago. It was my connection he used in getting visa to the US, do you understand? I can still be doing that for him based on the kind of person I am, and the type of heart I have.”




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