Halima Abubakar Opens Up About Her Sense of Style

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar opened up on her style & fashion sense in a new interview with Punch. Read excerpts below:


You are known for your love for revealing clothes…

That was in the past. I was a young girl experimenting with fashion and I stopped when I got tired. I did not change my style because of anybody. I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary; it was just a short dress or bum shorts. When you look at my age at that time, it was a normal thing that a teenager does. I grew out of it but in movies, I wear skimpy clothes sometimes. I don’t wear them off set any more. I need to be responsible to my fans and my family. My parents do not like me wearing short things. My mother says if I want to wear such, I should cover my hair. She says if I want to wear miniskirt, I should cover my hair but it cannot be covered in every movie. The funny thing is that at home, I do not wear skimpy dresses. I don’t know how people were able to single me out of the crowd. I was just a teenager having fun.

 Do you see yourself as a trendsetter or you follow trends?

I am definitely a trendsetter. I’m eccentric and weird in my style. Sometimes, I don’t get it right but I am happy with the result. I’m always glad that I’m not copying anyone. In fact people copy me. When I started colour blocking, it was just for the fun of it and not because I did not know that I should not have more than three colours on my outfit.

 So, you started the colour blocking trend?

Yes and people were criticising me but shortly after, they started doing the same thing. At a point, I outgrew that phase. I just believe people judge too much.

 What is your fashion weakness?

It is definitely shoes. When I was growing up, I did not have so many shoes. Now that I am grown, I think I overdo it because I have a room full of shoes in my house and my friends call it the shoe boutique. I have over 400 pairs of shoes and my mother has warned me against buying anymore because most of them still have their labels on them. I give them out a lot to my fans.

 Are there disadvantages being a curvy lady?

For me, it has a lot of disadvantages because people think I am fat because my bum is big. I am a small lady but because I am curvy, I look short. It could be so annoying when someone says I should lose weight because I am fat. When someone’s stomach is big, there are reasons for it. I have ulcer but they conclude that I eat too much.



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