NBC Bans May D’s “Sound Track” Video [Photos & Video]

Rumours have it that Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has banned May D’s official video for Sound Track from being aired on Nigerian TV. I know your asking the question ‘On what grounds?’…..well I have attached photos from the video and also attached the video for you to watch for yourself and decide if NBC made the right call assuming the ban is true.

Most people will argue that in the modern/civilized/western world, the video will only be restricted from being aired before children’s bedtime; after-all there is nothing on the video that isn’t happening in the real world anyway.

May D - Sound Track video banned

May D - Sound Track 5 video banned

May D - Sound Track 4 video banned

May D - Sound Track 3 video banned

May D - Sound Track 6 video banned

May D - Sound Track 8 video banned

May D - Sound Track 7 video banned


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    • nerisa

      i do support the nbc for banding the video of mayd that isn’t a video at all.it is so immoral.i would rather prefer ile ijo.the music really makes sense.pls mayd judge yourself don’t u think u deserve what u got

    • nerisa

      David though you are not here with me i know you support my comment

    • icha.rajades

      i’m so in love with that video 4 me it over make sense.or what do you think?.it’s such a cool video

    • emmaciptor

      it should not be air on our tv stations pls before somebody will do something else with uncle and other family members.