‘The Assassin’s Practice’ premières in London

‘The Assassin’s Practice’ premières  in London on Friday the 11th of May 2012. The movie features Nollywood artistes such as Justus Esiri, Kate Henshaw, Eve Pearson, Sarah Akokhia, David Nnaji, Uche Monye and Daphne Akatugba . The London Première  will be organised by Trinity Film Works in conjunction with Djamedia and will take place at  Odeon Cinema. Read the Synopsis and details of the event below.


Failed stock investor, EVIANO ESIRI (Justus Esiri), hires an Assassin (Eve Pearson), to take his life and make it look like a botched robbery so his family would live off his life insurance. As part of his elaborate plan, he organises an impromptu holiday for his wife, SANDRA (Kate Henshaw) and daughter, TRACY (Sarah Akokhia), to protect them from witnessing the assassination. With no love lost between Sandra and Tracy, neither wants the holiday! He insists

On the day, the birth-abandoned daughter of his wife, EFUA (Daphne Akatugba), shows up to request money they no longer have. His frustration turns into frenzy as he watches the clock tick towards the coming of the Assassin. Agreeing to give whatever cash they have left just to get his family out of the house would have been at the nick of time; Only two opportunist ROBBERS (David Nnaji and Uche Monye) turn up and would not leave or let anyone leave without getting the money they expect to find.

The Robbers’ hope very quickly degenerates into confused agitation as it becomes clear that Eviano has a death wish they would rather not satisfy. They must leave with nothing; or kill his family – if only to satisfy their brewing anger! Their reign of terror is however brought to an abrupt end with the entrance of the Assassin, JACQUELINE.

Jacqueline is a psychotic university-drop-out-assassin, whose desire of becoming a psychotherapist can only be fulfilled on her victims. One hour is all her session would last. Within the hour she would take everyone through a gruelling question and answer session; at the end of which everyone must die. She sets the timer. An ominous silence pervades the air. As the hour ticks away slowly, Eviano knows he must do everything to protect his family before the hour is up.

Details of the event

Venue: Odeon Cinema, Bugsby Way, Greenwich, SE10 0QJ.

Date: Friday, 11th of May, 2012.

Time: Red Carpet 9pm, Screening 10.30pm.

Tickets: Limited £10 (Online Only), Standard £15, V.I.P – £25.

Contact info: visit www.tapthemovie.com or call 07946811253, 07930745884 for enquiries.

Check out the trailer below.



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