Adaora Ukoh Opens Up On Getting Married & Being Plus-Sized

Voluptuous Nollywood actress, Adaora Ukoh has opened up on marriage and the challenges of being plus-sized. Here’s what she told Punch :

On marriage

 There was no secret marriage. It was something that was supposed to happen, but never did. Rumour- mongers decided to spread a false story. Also, I did not snatch anybody’s husband; I am too hot for that. I can find my own husband, I do not need to snatch anybody’s husband. It is something that will happen sooner than anyone expects and whenever it happens, it will only be known to a few persons.

On being plus-sized

Paying attention to naysayers could affect you negatively especially if you decide to dwell on whatever it is they have to say. We are created differently and the most important thing is to be the person that you are destined to be. I have always been a plus size, but the camera has a way of adding about two inches to your size. It is sometimes a challenge for me on the job because I do not get the roles I desire so, I work on my weight. Despite the challenges and embarrassment I am faced with, I no longer care. The most successful women I know are plus-sized. Now, when people complain about my weight, I always wonder why they sound like broken records. Monique for instance is a brand because of her size, so I celebrate my body.



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