Zaaki Azzay Reveals That Things Got Better For Him Since He Left His Ex-Wife

Veteran singer, Zaaki Azzay recently bought for himself a brand new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, and many have been wondering where he got such money. The torch-light carrying singer told Saturday Beats that things got better for him since he separated from his first wife. Read excerpts below:


“It is very true that since I left my ex-wife, things have been better for me. I know for certain that it is true and it has a spiritual connotation. I don’t know why but it is left for God. All I know is that I was married to a woman who I loved so much and I thought she loved me the same way. But unfortunately, I discovered otherwise. I cannot say all the things she did to the press because of my children. I don’t want to go into details but it is God’s will. Nobody can prosper in life without God’s grace,” he said.

 “Album sales do not fetch artistes money. Nigerians could be very surprising at times. I was already a millionaire at the age of 18. I have been in the entertainment industry for over two decades; I have many hit songs and have performed in shows all over the world.
I am a Glo ambassador and you know how many millions that is worth. I have had performances for Bill Clinton and George Bush. I have achieved so much and yet I buy a G-Wagon of about N30m and people are asking questions. Am I not supposed to have bought about 20 G-Wagons years ago?

“If the artiste is not successful in his career, you complain but would you say that I have not made hits in Nigeria? I have several laurels under my belt. What if I have invested my money somewhere and it is yielding returns? I don’t have to explain how I spend my money to anybody. I have always been a low key person and so I don’t like announcing things like this. Why do people think they call me the last man standing? All my mates have virtually fallen; I am the only artiste from my time that is still here. I have one Benue International Festival that I do annually and this year’s own is gearing up. Have you forgotten how many millions I made in the last One Benue International Festivallaunch? I don’t understand people sometimes.”
 “I have always been in love with a G-Wagon and I have been praying to God that I should be able to afford one before I die. Last week, I was able to afford one, a 2013 model. I was actually building an estate on a street that is named after me somewhere in Makurdi. I eventually finished building it and moved into one of the flats recently. I am not relocating to Makurdi, I built the estate for commercial purposes. In fact, I am building another one in Lekki where the street is also named after me, Zaki Azzay Close,”



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