Adokiye Reveals That She May Lose Her Virginity Soon!

Lol… Adokiye & her ‘golden’ virginity! Controversial singer Adokiye Kyrian is in the news again! This time, it is all about her precious virginity. Sometime last year she caused a stir when she revealed to Potpourri that she was still a virgin. Recently Potpourri caught up with her again and she dropped the bombshell about losing her virginity soon. Adokiye said:


“I will let that go soon (meaning her virginity). What’s the point of having all the endowment and not enjoying life as a woman. Plus, people are beginning to call me names, like mumu and all. I have been thinking lately, you know, though my mind is not
made up yet”.

When Potpourri probed further and asked if she truly misses anything as a virgin. She will be 24/25 this year, ‘Kiye continued:


“Yes, I guess I’m human. Don’t get it twisted. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing but each time I want to make that move, I get scared because I know once it’s gone, it’s gone”.

PP suspected this girl must have found a guy she doesn’t want to lose because of sex. so he hit her with the question.

“They always push” she replied. “Push, push and push. Don’t you know men? Aren’t you a man? Man, I’m so scared. But why not? I came with it I may leave with it”.

When she was told it would be an awful thing to do, afterall God gave it to us to enjoy. She cut PP short and replied,

“But God didn’t make it compulsory for me to share it with someone. Don’t forget about the Reverend Sisters. You know I’m a staunch Catholic. I was almost going to be one anyways during high school days. I grew up around Reverend Sisters and at some point I told my mum I wanted to become one”




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