Stella Damasus Reveals That She Prefers Quality Sex To Longer Sex Duration

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus was recently on i2Radio where she was on the hot seat with her lover Daniel Ademinokan. Daniel asked Stella questions bordering on sex. He said:


“One of the things most guys complain about is when we first got married the sex is good but it just diminished. They(guys) keep asking, but why do women do that?”

In her response, Stella Damasus said,

“Whatever I say, I will tell you my personal opinion but what other women might feel.Women’s bodies are different from men’s. We have hormonal in balance. Sometimes you just don’t want to think of anything in your body. As a woman gets older, her sex drives diminishes. In the beginning, you are excited and really want to please the man everytime. But as time goes on, you other things come into play. You become a wife and mother.
“But me, I say that I don’t believe it should be.You should always please your try to please man but the man should also understand when she’s not into it. If you married a man who loves sex and you knew in the beginning, then don’t complain.”

Daniel then asked;

Are women looking at how long a guy can last in bed or is there something else they are looking for?’

Stella replied;


“I believe in the pleasure not the duration. I believe in quality over how many hours.Normal women who have normal sex drives
look for pleasure over the duration. The truth is if you’re talking to me about 2 , 3 hours and there are breaks between I can understand that.”



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