Reminisce Speaks On His Love For His Wife Of 13 Years

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, music crooner Reminisce spoke a lot about his wife of 13 years. He revealed that he and his wife dated for about nine years before they got married. He said that they were twenty years old when they met.Hear him:


“Not many people know that I have been married for over 13 years because I do not announce it. I choose to let people know whatever I feel they should know at whatever time I feel it is appropriate. It was her birthday, I am 34 years old and she also clocked 34, so I wished her a happy birthday on Instagram.

“Our relationship worked because we know what we want out of it. As an individual, I know what I want and I know the kind of people I move with. I knew those that are close to me now before I became famous. The same thing applies to my relationship, I stick with the person I love and that I am comfortable with.”

Talking further about his spouse, the singer said:

“My wife and I fight a lot, we argue every time but she is my friend and I love her a lot. She acts like a man and she is my best friend. We don’t see ourselves as husband and wife. I believe she is the only person I can live with and she is the only one that can look out for me. I value her opinion because she had been with me before I became popular and she really knows me. She is a nice person and everybody is always comfortable around her. She understands my job and knows that I have to do certain things in order to make money.”

He admitted that his wife hardly listens to his music but his daughter is a huge fan of his….

“I named my album after my daughter because when she was born, we were really struggling and we did not have money. I did not begin to attain stardom till she was two years old. Things were very difficult for us then but now, it is time to pamper her.”

Often being compared with wave-making singer, Olamide, Reminisce said:

“Olamide is younger than I am in the music industry. We were together when he started with ID Cabassa. He has always been my brother and the comparison is a good thing. We are both successful and that is what matters. There is Christian Ronaldo and there is Messi, people would always argue about who the best is based on certain criteria. It’s the same with us. The most important thing is that they are both successful.”



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