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Twenty years of Nollywood: Star actress Ayo Adesanya To Be Interviewed By Fans Online In A Controversial Tell-All

Multiple award winning Nollywood actress, director and producer Ayo Adesanya has just been announced as a celebrity guest on a fast growing, controversial weekly tell-all show on Instagram #GuestOfTheWeek hosted by @CadGallery

The actress who is celebrating twenty years in Nollywood was announced this week on the page and on saturday, 13th of June. She will be live online @CadGallery to receive comments and answer questions from friends, fans, followers, admirers, the general online community including stalkers and haters alike. She will also be giving out gifts, and will follow real participants back.
This is one of the ways the veteran actress has chosen to celebrate with her fans for being there for her through twenty years.

She will be profiled daily on the page; everyday, something about her that fans and followers never knew about will be revealed with a picture.

The ageless socialite mum, via her pr Billion Relations expressed excitement over the uniqueness of the show and can’t wait to see what her fans have for her. With almost 50 thousand followers on Instagram and over 200 thousand followers in all social networks, Ayo is hoping to have a field day with her fans, friends and followers who will be throwing in diverse questions on movies, acting, relationships, motherhood, lagos living and so on.

This special episode will be aired live from 12pm on Saturday the 13th. To participate, fans are required to follow the Instagram page @CadGallery and drop their comments or questions under Ayo’s picture that will be published by 12pm that Saturday. Ayo will be standing by live to answer all questions immediately and follow back.

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