Dencia Narrates Her Racism Experience In Europe

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Lol the 1st time I wore this outfit was on my birthday in 2013 & I almost went to jail in Rome for pepper spraying a police officer (at the airport) who put his hands on me.Thank God for the U.S. Consulate,they acted so fast & got me outa that airport.Everyday I tell myself I am lucky because there’s a lot of African men & women going through the same thing & these people get away with it,unfortunately 4 them they messed with the wrong person when they tried to be racist.The officer was in the hospital for 3days cuz I emptied the bottle on him,I recorded everything that happen even tho they took my phone & deleted it but I’d emailed everything to my sister.All I asked was a translator so I could just tell these fools that I am not coming to Italy I am transiting to Frankfurt then Cameroon but they were thinking I was trying to sneak into Italy cuz they saw my African passport & didn’t see my US passport smh ..A few hrs later I am in my hotel Room in Rome waiting to catch a flight & I see myself on TV (my videos) with presenter saying I was in jail (I was shocked cuz I was in my hotel room) …Don’t believe everything u see on tv.#QueenOfMatamba#lionnessOfJudah BeenThruLife#RacismInEurope







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