Cossy Orjiakor Explains Why She Covered Up When She Met With Pete Edochie

Lol… I just love this woman! She does not care about anyone’s opinion! Controversial actress, Cossy Orjiakor, was recently spotted with veteran actor Pete Edochie and surprisingly she was well covered up. In this new interview with ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo, she expalins the reason for that. She also opened up on her style, fashion & relationship. Read excerpts below:


You were really covered up in a picture you had with Pete Edochie recently. Did you dress that way because you were going to see him?

Of course I had to cover up. I had to respect myself. Did you expect me to open my breast when I go to see such a legend? Of course he would have said, ‘what kind of display is this young woman? Why didn’t you cover yourself? When you have covered yourself, you can come and see me.’ Then he would give me one Igbo proverb. I had to cover up o. But then again, I saw him in the East where I was shooting a movie. It wasn’t an event where I could just wear anything. I just had to cover up. Besides, I didn’t want to scare little children.

But most people felt you looked prettier when you are covered up than when you wear such revealing clothes…

But I always cover up. I hardly take pictures when I am covered up because I would be working or doing something more serious. I remember to take pictures when I am having fun in the evening and when I am with my friends. Right now, I am covered up. If I have to go to a serious place, I have to be covered. I don’t have to dress like a ‘celeb’ and miss out on good opportunities. So such times, nobody would harass me or stress me. I wear T-shirts, even over sized T-shirts for that matter. But then, you don’t expect me to wear jeans and T-shirt if I am going for an event.

But come to think of it, when your would-be husband wants to introduce you to his mother as his future wife, what would you wear?

Ah! I can’t say o. Till then or do you want to send your brother to come and marry me? Who told you I want to get married? I am not interested at all in getting married to anybody for now.

But truth be told, you are perceived as a ‘bad’ girl but nobody has really seen or heard about who you are dating. How do you code your boyfriends that nobody has seen you publicly with a man?

That is just it. The truth is that I am a very good girl when it comes to that aspect. If you really know what girls who are well covered up do, you would marvel.

Does your style extend to your interior decor as well?
Oh yes. I get tired of things easily. I am so particular about my kitchen. I have a chandelier in my kitchen. My kitchen looks like a parlour. It is almost as beautiful as my sitting room. It is so cute. My sitting room is also very lovely.
How often do you redecorate your house?

I do that all the time. I change my chairs and the wall papers all the time. Like I said earlier, I get tired of things easily and I would just get up and start redecorating. Once I am tired, I might call a professional to continue from where I stopped.

What of cars

I love cars but I am looking for another person who would buy another car for me. There are things a woman shouldn’t buy for herself. Since I bought that Range, nobody has given me money to buy another one.

What is the predominant colour in your wardrobe?

I have a lot of black stuff but I don’t like it. For now, I am not going to buy anything black again. I like pink, yellow, and blue. I have so many lace wigs.

Can we see you wearing red or any outrageous colour on your hair?


Oh yes. I love red a lot. It depends on what I am wearing. If I wear blue or green, I go on red hair. I also have blond hair. I have braided my hair not more than five times in my life. I carry hair and I dye it red or gold. But I have so many wigs.

Has anybody ever embarrassed you over what you are putting on?

How can? With my carriage, I don’t think anybody can walk up to me and start saying rubbish. It is hard for anybody to do that. They will look face nah. All I get is ‘Hi Cossy, I am your fan!.’ I have never been arrested before or asked to pull over at police check point. If they stop me, they greet me and I greet them back and I even shake my boobs for them and they hail me more. But others would pass and they would ask them to pull over.

Are you not bothered by the negative perception most people have about you?

When it is putting money in my account somehow, why should I be bothered? I am getting paid, so I don’t care.

Don’t you see your boobs as a curse?

How can I see any part of my body as a curse? I wish it is even bigger. I wish my backside is also as big. I love the way I am. I am perfect. If I am not like this, I don’t think anybody would look at me. I am okay.

Are there things you can’t wear?

I can wear anything. I wear everything I have. I wear both the covered ones and the ones that would not cover me up. I have a boutique, so I can wear anything I want. If I am wearing a particular shade of clothe and I don’t have a pair of shoes that would complement it, I would just go to my boutique and take a pair. I stock a lot in my size.

What other accessory do you love?

I love bags. But most of the things I have are gifts. Virtually all the perfumes I have are gifts. There are some things I can’t just buy by myself.

Does it take you time to dress up if you need to go out?

I normally give myself two hours ahead because of the area I stay. I hate stressing myself up when it comes to dressing up. When you have plenty, you have stress picking up what to wear. It takes me an average of 25 minutes to get ready. I am not into make-up, so that aspect doesn’t take up much of my time.

You don’t make-up?

No. I am not a make-up person. I always feel like I am rubbing dirt on my body. It is always difficult for me to rub powder because I always see that foundation that ladies rub on their faces as the mud in Anambra State. It would seem as if I am packing mud and rubbing on my face. But I do use eye pencil.

Which part of your body would you want to change if given the chance?

If you are giving me the money to do a cosmetic surgery, I would have told you.

Okay, let’s assume somebody is giving you the money, so what would you want to change?

I would get that kind of Nickky Minaj kind of butt. I would get massive backside. If I have more money, I would make my backside bigger.

That means you would cause traffic on the road…

That would be nice or don’t you think so? What would life be without such drama? I don’t mind. I already have wide hips. I would want my butt to be bigger so that attention would be taken away from my boobs.

Are there times you wish your boobs were not this big?

It was when I was younger. My age mates used to make fun of me and call me ‘little woman’ and such names. It made me look old. People saw me as a ‘mama.’ But it is okay. Now, I am loving it so much. They are so sexy and they are so natural. I don’t think it is bad to do cosmetic surgery anyway. Whatever you think you can do to make your life better and more beautiful, you can do it. You just have to make sure your life will not be at stake.

Is it difficult to get your bra size?

I can’t really say so. Most people don’t even know their bra size. You have to measure underneath your boobs, right under the breast I mean. Add five to centimetres to whatever you get and that is your bra size.

You must have so many braziers…

Oh yes, I have so many. When I love something, I go all out for that thing.

Are there times you are worried that men always ogle at your boobs?

I don’t notice them at all. I don’t even care.

Would you rather wear designer labels or do you prefer Nigerian made?

I love our African clothes. I don’t know these designers and they don’t know me. Why would I patronise them like that when we have great Nigerian designers who take their time to do their work? I am not saying I don’t have designer labels but I prefer our African designers.



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