Cossy Says She Will Stop Exposing Her Breasts At 70

Cossy can never change! In a new chat with encomium, Cossy revealed that she would stop exposing her breasts at age 70. She also revealed that she graduated with a 2.1 in Accountancy from UNN. Read excerpts below:


Can Cossy ever change from exposing her boobs?

Change from exposing her boobs? Cossy is a brand. And physically a cute sexy girl with big boobs who is still young and wants to enjoy life. She will get old, say when she is 70 and the body is wrinkled and there is nothing the doctors can do about it. Then she will retire and stop exposing her boobs.

On rocking corsets

I love corsets because it is one dress that lifts the weight of my boobs, off my chest and simply carries them. That is why I love them.  They also look gorgeous. They do me proud because they fit my physique.
Just like Nicki Minaj. Whether she wears leggings, pants, skirts, her massive bum would still show. Same as me. Sometimes I wear well covered clothes even turtle necks and they still stare. I am simply sexy and I know it.

On going back to school

Yes ooo, I am doing a course at Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria. I am just short of words when it comes to the benefits I have gained from them over the course of 10 years. The first romance with them was in my university days. I have B.Sc in Accountancy from UNN and graduated with a 2.1. The crazy thing is that I have never used the degree. A free course in scripting, producing and directing from ITPAN training school made me decide to go into the movie world. So now, I am paying just N20,000 to learn editing. My lecturer is a well known name in editing.

He’s Mr. Steve Sodiya. And today my assignment is a real 1 minute music video edit. I just loveacquiring knowledge. It doesn’t mean I will work as an editor any way.



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