Not Again!!! Actress Yetunde Akilapa Caught Stealing Yet Again!!

Many of you are familair with Nollywood Yoruba actress, Yetunde Akilapa, who was beaten to pulp a few months back for breaking into a home! After the ugly incident Yetunde was bundled to a spiritual home in Osun State for deliverance! But it seems it didn’t do much as she was recently caught yet again trying to steal from her boss’s shop.
 It was gathered that Yetunde reportedly broke into the shop at night after everyone had gone home with a master key, carting away some iphones and iPads before nemesis caught up with her. She was accosted and immediately whisked away by some policemen. After series of questioning, all that could be extracted from her was that she heard a strange voice urging her to go and steal. Yetunde’s boss has insisted that the case must be taken to court even after several pleas from Yetunde’s sister. Her sister blames Yetunde’s ‘condition’ on a curse their mother placed on her year ago. She is currently in custody and waiting to be arraigned.
I really feel bad for her! I pray she finds the help that she needs!




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