IK Ogbonna’s Wife Shares Her Thoughts On Forced Marriage

Ik Ogbonna’s new wife, Sonia Morales, took to Instagram advising her fans on the negative effects of a forced marriage. She wrote:
“Why do people force on marriage so much without even having a correct idea of what marriage suppose to be about?(Will you get married,Why you not married,When u go marry,marry,marry,marry,marry)  Getting married for sake of getting married without minding a quality and nature of relationship between two people might be equal prison.

Don’t get forced into getting married (because you are “not getting any younger”),don’t marry because you developed habit of spending time with someone or for the sake of pleasing other people’s expectations.

Don’t force/blackmail/pressure other person into marriage,no matter circumstances,because if one is not truly happy with idea of spending life with you,truth is – he will never be capable of making you truly happy and instead of joy and happiness you deserve your life might turn into agony and frustration.
Don’t let society pressure you.
You have nothing to prove.
Follow your instincts. Trust your intuition.
Love is free – marry WHO you truly want and WHEN you want and let it be mutual.
Then you will be free to experience beauty and magic of sharing your precious life with another human being . I promise.
Love y’all”



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