Ini Edo Dazzles In New Photos

Ini just released these fab new photos…

ini44 ini45 ini46



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3 Responses to "Ini Edo Dazzles In New Photos"

  1. chris says:

    Dear my daughter
    I greet you in the name of the Almighty,who was and is to come,i want to take up this precious time
    to express few words of mind,every ten years God visit the Earth,this years is finish,some time he come in the nineth year.some time in the ten years,i my look young but am very old spiritually,

    I will watch and pray until 2017,December,i didn’t do well for my mom,so I want to invest in her brother;s and sister,my major reason for contacting you,because I got a blood Nigerian brother,who have necer been in his home land,and I did visit,nigeria twice.i mess my own life up,got marry too soon,i wil not marry again,marry is a high estate,or oldest institution,i needs to push my brothers,
    you need to live a good life,because oyedepo daughter is in this race,

    but the few months I spend in china,with Nigerians,my eyes open,if her relationship is in good faith,and not as winner chapel Agent,to work for her father all the days of my life,fine,

    I got two Nigerians in my life which is enough,pastor okeke and Derrick my own brother as well as tallte and his two brothert’s from warrer,nigeria,be my sister until 2017,December,

    Thanks chris


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