Laide Bakare Opens Up On Her Marriage & Her Husband’s Case In EFCC

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Laide Bakare, has finally opened up on her husband’s case with EFCC and why the commission declared him wanted last year. She also talked about marriage in general and denies ever running to the USA. Here are excerpts from an interview she had with YNaija:


On why she left Nigeria when the case was at its peak she said;

“I did not run away as widely speculated, I travelled to the US to have my child like I always do…that is where I had all my children.  I travel to have all my children abroad because of the opportunities and access to good medical facilities that one can boast of. I left when the pregnancy was six months and came back together to Nigeria with my baby weeks ago.”


Speaking about her boutique which was allegedly sealed by EFCC, the actress said;

“Which boutique? Talk is cheap. I have never had a boutique in my life, I don’t even like that business and I am saying it now with all sincerity. Funny enough, If I had a boutique, wouldn’t I have launched it in a big way and made noise about it?  I would do adverts and all but I don’t even have one, it’s not a business I love. I wonder where the rumor came from.

On the crime issue which involved my husband, misunderstandings like that happen everyday and get sorted even in court. That account is even one of the smallest accounts the company has handled. Bigger accounts that they can boast of have been handled. The media however chose to blow it out of proportion because actress Laide Bakare is involved, because he is married to me. Everything was rolled out of proportion but despite all, we are still happily married. I couldn’t have asked God for a better husband.”

About her marriage to Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo, she said:

“Marriage is not a bed of roses, it is so complicated.  It is even worse for entertainers. When a popular person gets married, people start waiting, insinuating and counting when it would crash. They put it on their head like no man’s business and poke their nose into what doesn’t concern them. It is my marriage yet they treat it like it is their marriage, they believe that entertainers cannot be successful in marriage, they go all out to break the marriage, just like the lies they came up with on the EFCC issue and my running away.  I am still happily married, besides our meeting was divine and was ordained by God. ”

On how she met and fell in love with him, she said:


“I always thank God for bringing us together. We met in Saudi Arabia years back and he tried to woo me but I wasn’t ready for marriage then…then we met later on and he still kept pestering me and since I was matured enough, I decided to accept his proposal and marry him. Today we are blessed with two boys. My husband is just so romantic, he cooks, he changes our baby’s diapers, assists me with work, he even loves to carry our baby on his back, dance round with him and put him to sleep, not to mention the G Wagon he recently got for me. Our marriage is truly made from heaven.”



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