Beyonce’s handwriting reveals who she really is

Yesterday (the 13th of April 2012), Beyonce, expressed her admiration and pride in Michelle Obama in an open letter. Handwriting expert and author of Sex, Lies & Handwriting, Michelle Dresbold, revealed that Beyonce’s handwriting indicates that she is is nurturing, creative and takes a logical approach to life. She also pointed out the following, which I find interesting.
  • Do you see the gap between the letter “i’  and the “chelle” in the name, “Michelle”. This gap is because Beyonce subconsciously dotted her “i” immediately before writing the rest of the name. You will see these gaps in the writing of very intelligent, creative people.
  • Beyonce’s letters are very rounded. This shows Beyoncé is feminine, nurturing and would make a good mother.
  • Beyonce’s handwriting does not slant to the right or to the left. This shows that she approaches matters in a very logical way.
  • The bottom loop of Beyonce’s letter “f” is full and rounded. This shows that she is sensual and likes fine wine, good food and a warm massage. Personal Hint: If you find that the bottom loop of your “f” gets bigger and bigger it indicates that your stomach is expanding…You may be pregnant or you may just have to hit the old diet plan.
  • Beyonce ends her last sentence with a large period. This type of large, yet light punctuation dot shows that she is obsessive and won’t stop until she gets what she is after. Personal Hint: if you see many punctuation marks where the periods are large, heavy and ground-in, it is a sign that the writer is angry, irritable and obsessive.
  • Beyonce writes her name smaller than the name “Michelle”. This indicates that Beyonce sees Michelle Obama as bigger and more of a champion than see sees herself. Personal hint: Look at your old love letters. If a certain someone wrote his name extra-large and your name teeny weeny, he thinks he’s hot stuff and you’re cold potatoes.
  • Beyonce underlines her name with a squiggle. People, like Beyonce, who underscore their name with a simple line, feel proud of themselves, like to be on stage and have good self confidence in public. Personal hint: You can boost your self-esteem by making a simple underscore beneath your signature
I’d love to read your comments about this. The 4th point has got to be the most interesting of all; if the bottom loop of your letter ‘f’ gets bigger and bigger, your stomach is expanding… So pregnant ladies and men that have pot bellies, over to you. Please tell me if this  is true…




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3 Responses to "Beyonce’s handwriting reveals who she really is"

  1. david says:

    wats is d content of d letter

  2. Deexat Mutalab says:

    Intresting i’ll see 2 dat


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