Photos: Cossy Orjiakor & Her Boobs Receive An International Award

Controversial Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has just received her first International award in Germany. She was awarded the ‘Distinctive Daring Artist’ from Europe Golden Awards. See more below:

cossy25Blessed lady spreading dollars… Dude spreading euro… My dear na d one way enter my Boobs abi I carry go. Hmmm had to act like celeb if not… Hmmmm mm mtcheeww I go just bend pick them all up. So pls ooo next time give the money to Jane and Janet. And they will show appreciation.

cossy26Appreciating my first international award… Distinctive Daring Artist… From Europe Golden Awards. Hmmmm so cute

cossy27Last night…….. Anyway had to put a lace wig on top my red hair… Don’t wanna scare the dignitaries hahaha. . OK time to chill back and sleep some more



Lil me chilling with this heart of gold lady . A Senator of the state of Georgia….. Got invitation already to visit Georgia. Am so blessed. Hmmm wanted to say hi to the governors around. But don’t want it to be misinterpreted. Ha ha ha



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  1. BriGht AnGeL says:

    n.a. Wahoo


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