Peter Of P-Square And Chidinma Have Got WASSUP Virus

Square Records co-owner and Dance With Peter celebrity judge, Peter Okoye, was caught singing and dancing to VTEK and Dumebi’s crossover single, WASSUP. Also, MTN ambassador, Chidinma (Miss Kedike) couldn’t resist the #babywassup virus. What is this #babywassup virus?

In August, Vtek dropped the single “Wassup” with label mate, Dumebi. In the past months, it has become a virus. Hundreds of cover videos on Instagram, YouTube and reviews from countries like Sweden, Ukraine, UK, India and the US shows its appeal in any country its played.

With cover clips from your favorite celebrities and fans alike, #babywassup is fast becoming the song of the season.
Check out @vtekdawesome and @dumebiofficial on Twitter and Instagram for more info.

Also, check the hashtag #babywassup on Instagram.



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