Martwayne Entrepreneurship Course Vol. 3 in Lagos 28th April 2012

We brought you the Volume 1 and Volume 2 but now it’s time for Vol 3; Martwayne presents its “Fashion Entrepreneurship Course” (Vol 3) with a new twist; a themed session called ” Colours and Fabrics” taking place on Saturday 28th April 2012 at the usual spot Planet One, Ikeja, Lagos.

Martwayne Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Flyer

The great thing about this month’s  ” Colours and Fabrics” Fashion Entrepreneurship Course is the fact that it is not only targeted at fashion entrepreneurs but at anyone who deals with colours and fabrics… which is pretty much EVERYONE!

Have you ever wondered how some colours work together and others don’t? Do you want to understand how colour combinations can help you make a fashion statement, tell a mood or a season? Do you want to understand the psychological effects of colour on people and the subliminal messages it passes to the viewer? Would you like to know how the colour of tie you wear can make or break your deal. Then this is the course for you!

As a designer, this course will help you understand how the colours you use for your collection can make or break your collection. How you can use colour to impact the ambience of your collection and make people gravitate towards it and eventually sell out the collection.

As a Business Professionals, Interior Decorators or Wedding Planner, it will help you learn to combine the right colours to set the right mood for a specific required setting. Be it a fairy tale wedding look for the wedding planner, a sober and though collection room for an interior decorator or an exciting website for a business professional.

Temitope Williams [Martwayne Business Owner] tells us a bit more:

“As a designer, an important tool in creating a collection is the development of storyboards and concept boards. If you research these tools properly, you will realize that the subject of Colour is vital in developing a successful collection as it is a very important element of design. And what are the elements of design? They are the “ingredients” for creating a successful collection.”

“I have had the benefit of being in paid employment and I can tell you for free that I observed whilst I was working how colours impacted people, I knew which colours to wear if I wanted to pick up a cheque from a client, I knew which colours to wear if I wanted to address issues with regulatory officials, I knew which colours to wear if I wanted people to sympathise with me and which colours to wear if I wanted people to fear me. That is because I understood colour then and even more so after fashion school and as a practising designer how colour affects moods, emotions and attitudes of people and their perceptions towards others.

If you wear clothes or use colour and fabrics in your line of work (e.g. fashion designers, interior decorators, event planners,or even a bride to be ), come learn which colours and fabrics to wear, which colours go together, which colours are suitable for sizes and spaces, the psychological effects of colour, how to test for fabrics, at the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 3)!

THEME:  ” Colours and Fabrics”

You will be taught by skilled professionals on;

  • Understanding Colour, its Psychological Effects & How to Effectively Combine Colours
  • Understanding Fabrics, Fabric Properties, Uses & Care
  • Developing Your Colour Wheel & Swatch Book for Own Use

Registration Details
The fee for this course is N 15,000 and it comes with training materials and light refreshments.
Payments should be made to Martwayne Dynamiques Zenith Bank Account.
Account Name: Martwayne Dynamiques
Account Number: 1012233897

You will get a 5 % discount if you pay the fee before or by Wednesday 25th April 2012, if you are a previous participant and if you bring along a friend.

Date: Saturday 28th April 2012
Time: 12 Noon
Venue: Planet One Hospitality, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos
Course Fee: N 15,000
Contact:For more info and general enquiries;



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