Top 4 Mobile App Development Companies In Nigeria

The persistent rise in the use of smartphones and tablets within the country has led to a mobile revolution in Nigeria. Essentially, people – business and individuals – now tend to seek mobile solutions and thus, enhancing the growth of the mobile app development industry.

While there is already a long list of both old and budding mobile app development companies as well as freelancers, quality and excellence has marked out a few dedicated mobile app developers and put them on the top’s list of Mobile App companies in Nigeria. read on to discover these companies.

Pixie Technologies
Pixie technology is a top-notch mobile app development company based in Lagos, Nigeria, that specializes in user experience design and mobility, creating value-added mobile apps on various platforms for the specific needs of the user.

Their core specialties are in game application development, custom mobile application developments, mobile website development, widget development, mobile interface design, mobile apps with GPS, Google map and GPRS technologies, scalable, robust, interactive and user-friendly design and mobile apps for social media, business and finance.


Cittrex is a nationally recognized mobile app development company. Since its incorporation, the IT company with proven skills and practice in web technologies has conscientiously positioned itself as a leading developer of mobile applications, with specialization in platforms including iPads and iPhones (iOS) using Objective C, Andriod Phones (OS2.x) using J2ME, Blackberry (RIM) using J2ME and Windows Phones (Win 7) using C# and Objective C.

Bludel Technologies Nigeria Limited
Bludel was established in 2011 and today is a leading provider of web and mobile apps development services in Nigeria. With a substantial number of projects executed successfully for the Web, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Bludel provides cutting edge technologies and solutions to Nigerian businesses and individuals.

Bemasapp is an online web and mobile app development company with offices in Lagos, Nigeria. The company works across all mobile platforms, providing solution to business and individuals with focus on performance and security in mind; and delivering customized, cost-effective products and services to small business.

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