Tinie Tempah launches ‘Disturbing London’ fashion line

UK rap artist, Tinie Tempah launched his debut fashion line Disturbing London at Selfridges in West London yesterday. Since hitting the charts with single “Pass Out” in 2009, Tinie has shown a keen interest in fashion and has been pegged as one of Britain’s most fashionable males, taking his look from streetwear in the day to a slick tuxedo at red carpet events.

Tinie, while explaining the reason why he’s concentrating on streetwear designs for this collection, said “At the end of the day, I’m a 23-year-old male from inner city London. Of course I’m into tailoring – but in the right circumstances: swanky events, awards or fashion shows. I want to show the different layers of what makes me who I am. I thought it would be good to do something that was high-end streetwear, based around the whole Americana storm that is happening now. I don’t want people to just go out and buy this stuff because Tinie Tempah is associated with it. I want people to fall in love with it and go and seek it off their own accord,” he says. “You have to think big and start off small, get people to fall in love with the brand.”

Disturbing London - Some t-shirts from the range


The 23 – year old won GQ‘s Best Dressed Man of 2012 award and intends to make a bigger splash in the fashion world by bringing his men’s streetwear brand to Selfridges stores. Disturbing London wears can be purchased at Selfridges stores, or online at www.selfridges.com



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