Fans Slam Mercy Johnson For Congratulating Tchidi & Nuella Chikere On Their Wedding

Lol… Nigerians have no chill! So recently, Nollywood couple, Nuella and Tchidi Chikere had their court marriage and actress Mercy Johnson, took to Instagram to congratulate them. Here’s what she posted:


As soon as she posted, fans started blasting her for supporting her friends, who got married in a controversial way after Tchidi broke up with his ex-wife and mother of four boys to be with Nuella. Many called Mercy Johnson a husband snatcher too, as her current husband also broke up wit his ex-wife before he married her. Here are some of the reactions from fans:

tchidi9 tchidi10 tchidi11 tchidi12 tchidi13 tchidi15



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3 Responses to "Fans Slam Mercy Johnson For Congratulating Tchidi & Nuella Chikere On Their Wedding"

  1. Ivie Jane says:

    I beg you all not to refer mercy like that;every girl or woman of today is a boy friend or husband snatcher ‘ it is how you play up your game.

  2. unique says:

    pls let mercy be,she is not that kinda woman,luv u mummy purity


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