The Vamps Talk With Raro Lae

The Vamps Talk Wake Up Album Success, Kicking Off U.S. Tour Summer 2016, Learning Dance Moves From Gazelles, Their World Success, Collaborating With U.S.Artist, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato & More.

Raro Lae caught up with world renowned and U.K.’s biggest rock band, The Vamps, after performing at Mistletoe Meltdown alongside Robin Thicke, Rachel Platten and Omi!

They completely killed their performance and had the entire arena singing and screaming along…literally. After their stellar performance, Raro Lae interviewed the guys and they opened up about their rise to success, as well as the success of their debut album, Wake Up, that took over many music charts. The band talked touring and working with Taylor Swift (who they LOVE, in their words not Raro Lae’s) and Demi Lovato. The band plans to kick off their tour in the U.S in the summer of 2016. They also revealed for the first time what U.S. big time artist they just finished collaborating with, but you have to watch the interview to find out who! Oh, and did I mention, they learn their dance moves from Gazelles? Yes, the animal. These guys are a case, but definitely a good one! Check out the exclusive interview, enjoy and share!

About Raro Lae & The Raro Lae Brand:
Raro Lae is a DC based, multi-award winning blogger and media personality. She is acknowledged and recognized as a credible source for over 150 renowned entertainment companies, websites, and media blogs, including FOX News, The Shaderoom, ABC and more. was recognized as the top international blog in Africa by ABC News, as well as by CBS News. The Raro Lae Show, which is managed by RLTV Marketing & Media, LLC., is a multimedia channel dedicated to giving viewers the latest news on entertainment, lifestyle, DIY tutorials and products. We specialize in event coverage, celebrity interviews, product reviews, and news broadcasting, with over 80,000 monthly viewers in 141 countries.



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